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Steve Wagner joined the Bemidji Pioneer newspaper in October 2011. He's worked at newspapers in the Twin Cities, Iowa and Fargo-Moorhead, where he was a reporter for several years and most recently news director for The Forum and WDAY AM 970.

The daily miracle

After more than 2 months in the Pioneer newsroom, we’ve been through quite a few changes. As a community newspaper, our aim is to provide local, timely information to our readers through the printed version and website.

Sometimes a newspaper’s challenge is to cover everything in the community worth publishing. Our goal is to inform, educate and entertain readers, helping them learn more about their community, neighbors and local events. Readers should turn to us to plan their week, head to First Friday and know more about the numerous events, and get the scoop on last night’s big game. They need to know about the issues and topics that government leaders are considering and how those issues might effect their lives, pocketbooks and the community’s future.

Along the way, readers need to know what to expect from the Pioneer, and that’s why we’re undergoing many of the changes. Using clear standards and consistent policies, our newsroom will do its best to provide readers the information they want to know.

While we’ve made changes to meet this goal, there are many more in the works. So far, we’ve tweaked reporters’ beats – the topic areas covered – in an aim to provide more variety, focused more on Associated Press style for grammar and language consistency, forged a partnership with Minnesota Public Radio, put a greater emphasis on more local news in a timely manner and emphasized planning and efficiency to handle these priorities. The Pioneer’s website has undergone a cosmetic change and we’re making a push to add Bemidji area bloggers to the AreaVoices platform. In an upcoming column, on the Opinion page of the Jan. 15 newspaper, a few more changes will be explained.  As we roll toward spring, even more features will be added to the Pioneer’s news pages.

This blog is part of our AreaVoices effort. While it will be used to talk about our transformation, the blog aims to give insight into the work of community journalists: the what, why and how of our jobs. It will provide another avenue for readers to interact with the editor. Some days it will explain our victories, while give insight into decisions and factors affecting the final outcome of the daily miracle: a newspaper, made almost entirely from scratch each day, for publication 6 times a week.